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27-010 ECG LED Ultraviolet Blacklight Flashlight by NTE Electronics 27-010 ECG Flashlight, LED, Ultraviolet Blacklight

This ECG 27-010 Ultraviolet Black-light Flashlight is a compact and powerful tool designed for various applications that require UV illumination. The 27-010 flashlight emits ultraviolet light, making it ideal for tasks such as detecting counterfeit currency, inspecting cleanliness in hotels or restaurants, locating pet stains, or even revealing hidden fluorescent markings. Its portable design and durable construction make it a convenient choice for both professional use and everyday purposes. Whether you're a professional in forensics or simply need a reliable UV flashlight for household tasks, the ECG 27-010 is a versatile and dependable tool that shines a new light on the unseen.

Online Price: $11.86