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Cinch 2-142 Terminal Barrier Block Connectors Cinch Connectors 2-142
2 Terminal Barrier Blocks - 30 Amps Max. - 142 Series

Interposing barriers between terminals yield higher electrical ratings and provide additional protection against frayed wire shorting.

  • A wide variety of barrier blocks makes it possible to select the combination of mechanical and electrical characteristics that best meet the exact requirements of your application.
  • A wide selection of optional terminals and fanning strips permits the equipment designer to choose the method of termination most suitable for his environmental specifications and manufacturing requirements.


  • Insulation Material: Molded monoblock, general purpose phenolic, black, UL Rated 94V-1
  • Eyelet Material: Brass
  • Eyelet Plating: Nickel
  • Screw Material: Steel
  • Screw Plating: Nickel over copper flash
  • Solder Terminal Material: Brass
  • Solder Terminal Plating: Electro-Tin
  • Marker Strip Material: Nema Grade XPC, UL Rated 94V-O


  • Operating Temperature: -55° to +300°F
  • Certifications: UL Recognized - File E61245 CSA - LR 67357

Electrical Characteristics

  • Voltage Rating: 250 VAC RMS maximum
  • Current Rating: 30 Amps maximum
  • Maximum Watts Per Terminal: 7500

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Maximum Wire Size: #10 AWG
  • Recommended Wire Tightening Torque: 16 lb.-in.

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