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Performance Plus LAN Stations - Build Your Own

Whether you need a computer lab, imaging station, technical bench, heavy-duty storage system, or sleek office furniture for a call center, the Performance Plus Modular Furniture System does it all. While most modular systems are built-to-order, our components are built-to-stock so they have a lower cost and save you money.Kendall Howard's 4-Post Performance Plus Modular Furniture Systems' simple design enables you to create the perfect computer lab or work environment. There are several ways to easily and quickly configure this system. It's a customizable product without the custom price tag!

Here are some simple steps for planning your next project:

1. First, determine the amount of space you are working with. this will save you time and money.Once you have the dimensions, we recommend drawing a top view. if you have a corner, insert the corner unit first. The corner unit will require 48 inches on each wall

2. Next, determine what you are using the space for. The uses are endless - network storage, server rack, a computer repair station. Knowing this will make it easy to configure the unit exactly how you need it

3. Determine the number of shelves that you need for your unit. Each shelf will require a back plate and a shelf support kit. Each of the side frame kits will require a least 2 shelves.

4. Determine the depth and width you want each shelf to be. Kendall Howard offers both 24" and 30" depths. We also offer following width, 36", 48", 60", 72". Square corner units are 48".

TIP: If you are assembling a larger combined unit you can reduce the number of side frames by ganging the units together. For example the fully assembled unit above shows 5 units ganged together. It only requires 6 Performance Plus side frame kits, rather than 10 side frame kits. By ganging them together you can save on the cost of each unit, and the amount of labor it takes to install them.