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Belden DB59U Double Bubble F Compression Connectors DB59U Compression F Connectors - Double Bubble for RG59 & RG59 Quad

Belden DB59U Compression F Connectors - Double Bubble for RG59 & RG59 Quad

F-Conn DB Connector Series Patented DB 360 Compression Connectors Work As A Complete System With The RBC Compression Tool

The Radial Bubble Compression Tool and DB 360 compression connectors work as a complete system to provide a secure, reliable solution to all your custom security installations. The DB line of connectors is available in F, RCA and BNC in RG59 and RG6, as well as a full line of plenum sizes.

  • The DB 360 Compression Connection System creates two 360� compression connections (one interior and one exterior) providing a permanent, 'double bubble' connection.
  • Ideal for security cameras and other exposed wiring installations. The unique double bubble connection provides superior protection against moisture migration limiting poor signal quality due to the elements.

Seventy percent of all television trouble calls are connector-related, including complaints of herringbone patterns, vertical roll, ghosts, snowy images and no picture. F-Conn's compression connectors reduce service calls by supplying secure, lasting connections from the beginning.
  • F-Conn connectors provide full 360� electrical continuity even under punishing conditions.
  • Crafted to help overcome forward reflection, their pullout strength can also withstand more than 80 pounds of force.
  • The radial design reduces the possibility of an impedance problem and can defeat ingress/egress at the connector.
  • Internal "O" sealing rings prevent moisture migration, while the large ferrule surface insures proper RF and digital interface.
  • F-Conn compression connectors don't require soldering.
  • Meet SCTE-IPC and Bellcore requirements.

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FSNS59U Belden Compression Universal F Connectors FSNS59U Compression Nickel Universal F Connectors for RG59 & RG59 Quad Shield

Belden FSNS59U Compression Nickel Universal F Connectors for RG59 & RG59 Quad Shield

Get a quality signal with a permanent connections, eliminating future trouble spots caused by poor connection quality. All of these connectors feature 360° compression rings that provide true 360° compression on the cable. The all-brass compression connectors withstand 80 pounds of pull-out force so you know your connection is solid.

  • Available in F, BNC and RCA Styles
  • 360° Compression Rings Provide Full Compression on the Cable
  • Can Withstand 80 Pounds of Pull-Out Force
  • Non-Blind Entry Allows Installers to See the Wire Entering the Pin Before Compression, Ensuring a Secure Connection Every Time

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Paladin Tools 9684 Paladin 9684 RG59 CATV "F" Push-On Connectors - 50 pack

CATV "F" Push-On connectors for RG59 cables.


  • All-brass with nickel plating for durability
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Simply strip cable and push connector on


Connector style:

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STARTERKIT Belden ProSNS Universal Compression System Installation Kit STARTER KIT Belden ProSNS Universal Compression System Installation Kit

Belden STARTER KIT ProSNS Universal Compression System Installation Kit

This Starter Kit contains a Cable Pro CPLCCT-SLM compression tool, PS59/6/RGB cable strip tool, and a variety of F-Conn FS or ProSNS compression connectors to create a high-quality, custom Audio/Video installation.

  • CPLCCT-SLM Compression Tool
  • PS59/6/RGB Cable Strip Tool
  • PSC59/6/RGB (Blue Spare Cartridge)
  • PSC-RGB (Red Spare Cartridge)
  • Wall Plate Inserts, Color Bands and Strain Relief Boots
  • (10) FSNS59U
  • (5) FSNS59BNCU
  • (10) FSNS6U
  • (5) FSNS6BNCU
  • (5) FSNS6RCAU
  • (5) FSNS6URA
  • (5) FSBNC6URA
  • (5) FS6US
  • (5) FS6RCAUS
  • (5) FS1RCA
  • (5) FS1BNC
  • (5) FS15RCA
  • (5) FS15BNC
  • (2) SLS-59/6
  • (2) HIPUKM
  • (2) HIPUWM
  • (1) SLS-RGB-Red
  • (1) SLS-RGB-Yellow
  • (1) FSCR-B
  • (1) FSCR-Y
  • (1) HIPPOB
  • (1) HIPOY

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