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90 Series Tools by Calrad

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Calrad 90-804<br>10 Piece Plastic Alignment Set Calrad 90-843<br>7 Piece Hex Ball Driver Set w/ Hardened Tips Calrad 90-856<br>Precision Work Holder w/ Magnifying Glass
Calrad 90-905<br>5 Piece Needle File Set Calrad 90-906<br>4 Piece Precision Tweezer Set Calrad 90-908<br>9 Piece Metric Hex Keys Set w/ Holder
Calrad 90-909<br>7 Piece Standard Hex Key and Ball Set w/ Holder Calrad 90-912<br>4 Piece Ceramic Non-Conductive Tweezer Set Calrad 90-927-12<br>BNC Insertion and Removal Tool - 12 inch shaft length
Calrad 90-927-8<br>BNC Insertion and Removal Tool - 8 inch shaft length Calrad 90-928-8<br>Coax Cable Assembly Tool Calrad 90-930<br>Fold-Up Metric Hex Key Set
Calrad 90-930-A<br>Fold-Up American Hex Key Set Calrad 90-936<br>Flexible Ratchet Driver Set Calrad 90-937<br>17 Piece Offset Ratchet & Socketdriver Set Metric
Velleman VTTWSET
VTTWSET Set of 4 Tweezers
Online Price: $3.30