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Wire Dispensing

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BES Manufacturing CR1248 Cable Reel Holder (PAL 1756) BES CR1248 Cable Reel Holder

The BES CR1248 Cable Reel Holder takes the hassle out of installing bulk cable. Pull cable conveniently and safely from a sturdy lightweight frame. Handles multiple spools on the 26" wide crossbar. 14" clearance from floor to crossbar. When not in use, the Cable Reel Holder folds flat for easy storage.

Online Price: $147.26
Platinum Tools 100333 EZ-Grip Puck 100333 Platinum Tools EZ-Grip Puck

The Platinum Tools 100333 EZ-Grip Puck is manufactured from a special rubberized material for flexibility and durability. Never has such a simple, inexpensive tool saved so much time and energy when working with wire and cable! The puck fits in the palm of the hand and dramatically improves your grip when pulling or pushing cable. Use the puck as a stable base for punching down wire in keystone jacks. No more marred surfaces or stab wounds!

  • Improves grip dramatically when pulling fish tape through conduit.
  • Provides a stable base for terminating wire in a keystone jack.
  • Improves grip dramatically when pushing cable into F connectors.
  • Made in the USA

Online Price: $6.75
Online Sale Price: $5.74
Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispenser 11455 Rack-A-Tiers 11455 Wire Dispenser

The Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispenser is the one tool that DOES IT ALL. It's no surprise that we've sold hundreds of thousands of them to electricians everywhere.

This genius invention is most commonly used for dispensing wire from spools of various sizes, but just flip through the images to see its many other uses!


  • Interlocking Pairs
  • Versatile
  • Waterproof
  • Rustproof
  • Reliable
  • Rugged
  • Easy to set up


Reel diameter: 34"
Weight Capacity: 330lbs./150kg
Item Weight: 8 lbs.

Mfg Note
This tool is versatile, waterproof, rustproof, rugged, and very reliable. It even locks together to make a comfortable seat!

Poles & Wire not included.

Online Price: $114.59