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Calrad 90-745<br>AAA Battery Holder Single Cell Calrad 90-746<br>AAA Battery Holder Double Cell Calrad 90-747<br>AAA Battery Holder Quad Cell
Calrad 90-772-2.5<br>9 Volt Battery Clip w/ 2.5" Leads Calrad 90-772-4<br>9 Volt Battery Clip w/ 4" Leads Calrad 90-772-6.5<br>9 Volt Battery Clip w/ 6.5" Leads
Calrad 90-772-8<br>9 Volt Battery Clip w/ 8" Leads Calrad 90-772M<br>9 Volt Molded Battery Clip w/ 6" Leads Calrad 90-773<br>Snap-In "AA" Dual Cell Battery Holder
Calrad 90-774<br>Snap-In "AA" Quad Cell Battery Holder Calrad 90-777<br>Snap-In "AA" 8 Cell Battery Holder Calrad 90-779<br>Snap-In "AA" Quad Cell Battery Holder
Philmore BH142 Battery Holder, Holds 4 D-Cell Batteries with Solder Lug Connection