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J-045-DS Electric Corded De-Soldering Iron 34-801 Ideal Industries<br>Standard Desolder Pump Replacement Tip 34-804 Ideal Industries<br>Miniature Desolder Pump Replacement Tip
34-807 Ideal Industries<br>DESOLDER PUMP, REPLA. TIP, CONDUC STD Techspray 1802-25F<br>Pro Wick Yellow #2 Braid .055" (1.4mm) wide 25ft. Long Techspray 1803-25F<br>Pro Wick Green #3 Braid .075" (1.9mm) wide 25ft. Long
Techspray 1803-5F<br>Pro Wick Green #3 Braid .075" (1.9mm) wide 5ft. Long Techspray 1804-100F<br>Pro Wick Blue #4 Braid .098" (2.5mm) wide 100ft. Long Techspray 1804-25F<br>Pro Wick Blue #4 Braid .098" (2.5mm) wide 25ft. Long
Techspray 1809-5F<br>Pro Wick Yellow #2 Braid - Anti-Static .055" (1.4mm) wide 5ft. Long EDS AS196<br>SILVERSTAT SOLDAPULLT EDS LS197<br>Static-Safe Replacement Tip for AS196, DS017LS, US340 and PT409
EDS PT109<br>SOLDAPULLT III EDS SRT12<br>Standard Replacement Tip for DS017, PT109 and US140 EDS SS350<br>Static-Safe Standard Metric SOLDAPULLT Challenger with LS363 Tip and OS130 O-ring

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