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NTE 54-473 Pushbutton, Snap Action, Security, 19mm, SPDT-NO, 50mA, 24VDC, Flat Switch OFF (ON) 54-473 NTE Electronics, Pushbutton Switch, Snap Action, Security, 19mm, SPDT-NO, 50mA, 24VDC, Flat Switch OFF (ON)

Introduction to Anti−Vandal Pushbutton Switches

All NTE Anti−Vandal Series models are rugged, durable,
cosmetically attractive and feature:
Th NTE Anti−Vandal Series consists of 3 catagories of
pushbutton switches designated Anti−Vandal,
Security and Snap−Action Security. The distinctive
features are:

Anti−Vandal − Highest impact resistance provided by a
knurled back nut or mechanical stop and added
ruggedness provided by a stainless steel actuator and
bushing. The 19mm models meet IK08 which specifies
the switch must withstand a hammer blow to the actuator
with a striking energy of 6 joules, while the 22mm models
meet IK10 which specifies the switch must similarly
withstand 20 joules of energy. In both of these cases, no
resulting damage is permissible.

Security − High impact resistance and ruggedness with
a large variety of options, including actuator shapes,
electrical functions, connections, finish and marking

Snap−Action Security − High impact resistance and
ruggedness. All of these models feature tactile

  • Minimum clearance between actuator and bushing, to
    prevent willful damage by means of insertion of foreign
    parts or matter.
  • Protection against crushing of contacts and switch
  • Front panel sealing to IEC specification IP54.
Typical applications include, but are not limited to:
  • Schools
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Elevators
  • Entrance Security

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