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"L" Pads 25 Series - Attenuators & Volume Controls Miniature Controls with Switch
Miniature Multi-Click Dual Controls, PC Mount 40 Step Miniature Volume Controls NTE 502 Series - Audio-Linear Taper
Slide Controls Speaker Attenuators Sub-Miniature Volume Controls
Volume Control Less Switch
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Calrad 25-271<br>Slide Control 50K Linear Taper Calrad 25-275<br>Slide Control 10K Audio Taper Calrad 25-276<br>Slide Control 50K Audio Taper
Calrad 25-277<br>Slide Control 100K Audio Taper Calrad 25-300<br>Mini Volume Control 2K Linear Taper Calrad 25-300A<br>1K Linear Taper Potentiometer
Calrad 25-305<br>Mini Volume Control 250K Linear Taper Calrad 25-306<br>Mini Volume Control 500K Audio Taper Calrad 25-307<br>Mini Volume Control 1Megaohm Audio Taper
Calrad 25-309<br>Mini Volume Control 50K Audio Taper Calrad 25-316<br>Mini Volume Control w/ Switch 5K Audio Taper Calrad 25-318<br>Mini Volume Control w/ Switch 50K Audio Taper
Calrad 25-322<br>Mini Volume Control w/ Switch 1Megaohm Audio Taper Calrad 25-324<br>Volume Control 2K Linear Taper, <b>Long Shaft</b> Calrad 25-325<br>Volume Control 5K Linear Taper