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NTE Electronics Semiconductors and Parts

A NTE Electronics Inc. Distributor for over 10 years, Arcade Electronics has great pricing and selection on a variety of NTE Parts and Products including Relays, Semiconductors, Resistors, Capacitors, Switches and More. NTE was founded in New Jersey in 1979. Today, their semiconductor line alone consists of over 4,700 replacement semiconductors. Please check the NTE Electronics website for the latest products and specifications. Also, checkout the NTE Cross Reference web page to find over 514,000 parts.

NTE Electronics Parts

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NTE 74-5X20KIT Fuse Kit 5 X 20MM Assorted Fuses NTE 74-3AGKIT Fuse Kit 3AG Equivalent 6 X 30MM Glass Assorted Slow Blow/Fast Acting - Fuse Holders - Fuse Clips NTE 74-AutoKit Fuse Kit ATC & ATM Type Automotive Fuses NTE 74-AutoKit2 Fuse Kit ATC, ATM, and MAX Type Automotive Fuses
Online Price: $41.12
Sale Price: $37.70
Online Price: $48.33
Sale Price: $44.30
Online Price: $30.70
Sale Price: $28.15
Online Price: $22.65
Sale Price: $20.73
NTE 74-5X20KIT Fuse Kit NTE 74-3AGKIT NTE 74-AutoKit Fuse Kit NTE 74-AutoKit2 Fuse Kit
NTE 74-AutoKit3 Fuse Kit ATC Type Automotive Fuses NTE 74-AutoKit4 Fuse Kit ATM Type Automotive Fuses NTE 74-AutoKit5 Fuse Kit MAX Type Automotive Fuses NTE 57-12D-500-5
12VDC - 500ma - 2.5 watt - AC to DC Adapter - 2.5mm ID X 5.5mm OD Plug
Online Price: $11.18
Sale Price: $10.23
Online Price: $13.73
Sale Price: $12.57
Online Price: $25.16
Sale Price: $23.03
Online Price: $11.93
NTE 74-AutoKit3 Fuse Kit NTE 74-AutoKit4 Fuse Kit NTE 74-AutoKit5 Fuse Kit NTE-57-12D-500-5

NTE Electronics, Inc. was founded in New Jersey in 1979 and has grown from a small-town supplier with ten replacement parts in its entire line to the largest replacement semiconductor supplier in the industry.

Today, the NTE Electronics Semiconductor line alone consists of over 4,700 NTE replacement semiconductors. Also available under the NTE Electronics brand are Relays, Resistors, Capacitors, Hook-Up Wire, Heat Shrink Tubing, Switches, LED Tubing, Fuses, Terminals & Connectors, Test Leads & Clips and more. Today, NTE cross references over 500,000 industry devices!

A Global Network of NTE Electronics Distributors
NTE's 40,000 square foot headquarters in Bloomfield, NJ houses, under one roof, all the essential services and inventory to continually supply electronic components to its worldwide network of authorized distributors. NTE's warehouse maintains a large inventory of each device to ensure a 98% fill rate and an average 24-hour shipping time.